November 2018
Norma Kamali launches NORMALIFE
September 2018
Norma Kamali presents a SP19 collection for men and women.
4 June 2018
Norma Kamali is a featured speaker at A CALL TO MEN event. A CALL TO MEN educates men all over the world on healthy, respectful manhood. Embracing and promoting a healthy, respectful manhood prevents violence against women, sexual assault and harassment, bullying and many other social ills. A CALL TO MEN is a violence prevention organization and respected leader on issues of manhood, male socialization and its intersection with violence, and preventing violence against all women and girls.
5 April 2018
Norma Kamali and Christene Barberich join Museum of the City of New York curator Sarah Seidman for a discussion panel entitled Feminists in Fashion; an intimate conversation about the impact of feminism on fashion, past and present.
8 March 2018
Norma Kamali kicks off her new weekly radio show called "Seriously? With Norma Kamali" on Sirius XM
15 November 2017
Norma Kamali Life Podcast launches. Fashion icon and wellness advocate Norma Kamali interviews engaging personalities from the world of fitness, health, beauty, fashion, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. From industry icons to the influencers of today, Norma's guests share about their lives, motivations, must-haves, and memorable stories.
1 October 2017
MoMA opens its first fashion exhibit in 73 years. Items: Is Fashion Modern? explores the present, past—and sometimes the future—of 111 items of clothing and accessories that have had a strong impact on the world in the 20th and 21st centuries—and continue to hold currency today. Among featured items is a Norma Kamali Sleeping Bag Coat, originally designed in 1973.
15 September 2017
The Museum at FIT opens Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme. Travel to extreme environments is a relatively modern phenomenon. Expeditions to the North and South poles, the highest mountain peaks, the depths of the ocean, and outer space have been widely covered in the press for more than a century. But it was not until the 1960s that these endeavors began to influence fashion. Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme is the first major exhibition to examine this fascinating subject. The Norma Kamali Sleeping Bag Coat, first designed in 1973, is among the featured items.
6 September 2017
Norma joins the Well + Good Council; a hand-picked health squad of best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, and healthy-minded celebs that are leading—and shaking up—the wellness scene. Members share their best tips to help you feel and look amazing whether you’re rushing from barre to a bar or prepping for a big interview.
13 April 2017
SCAD presents "The Evolving Fashion Industry," a conversation with designer Norma Kamali, who was christened "the arbiter of inventive clothes" by Women's Wear Daily.
March 2017
Town & Country Magazine features Norma's restoration of Richard Meier house in Mount Kisco, NY.
10 March 2017
Norma Kamali links with Moonbasa to reach customers in China.
5 March 2017
Jackie Robinson 2017 Annual Scholars' Mentoring & Leadership Conference: Style Icon Norma Kamali shares the importance of lifelong learning at the Jackie Robinson Foundation's Keynote Luncheon.
12 December 2016
The National Arts Club presents The National Arts Club Medal of Honor for Fashion Honoring Norma Kamali.
26 October 2016
WWD Summit with Marc Jacobs, Norma Kamali and Joseph Altuzarra on the Future (and Present) of Fashion.
July 2016
Norma begins interviewing women for ongoing series on women.
19 June 2016
The first fashion exhibition of its kind at the Tampa Museum of Art, Norma Kamali –CITY: Fashion + Art + Culture celebrates Norma Kamali's prolific career spanning five decades of incredible innovations. Signature pieces such as the Sleeping Bag Coat and iconic designs from her Parachute, Sweats, and Swimwear collections illustrate her passionate commitment to women's health, fitness, and beauty. A selection of Kamali's groundbreaking fashion films will be on view with the designer's "Glamazons," her larger-than-life fashion cutouts.
June 2016
New You Magazine features Norma Kamali on the cover of their June 2016 issue.
7 June 2016
The CFDA awards Norma Kamali the Geoffrey Beane Lifetime Achievement Award.
15 March 2016
Inwood House honors Norma Kamali for her outstanding dedication to the empowerment of women. Inwood House provides critical support to young mothers and teens in NYC focusing on pregnancy prevention education and teen family support services.
March 2016
HarperCollins publishes "Facing East" by Jingduan Yang MD in collaboration with fashion icon Norma Kamali.
9 January 2016
WE NYC Connect Event: Developing Confidence with Fashion Designer Norma Kamali. Women Entrepreneurs New York City (WE NYC) empowers women to start, operate and grow their businesses by connecting women to resources and community.  The WE Connect series features successful women entrepreneurs as well as structured networking sessions.
December 2015
Dress for Success hosts its annual Women Helping Women power breakfast and panel comprised of three leading ladies at various stages in their careers. Norma Kamali served as the Pioneer in the discussion.
November 2015
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute's Fall 2015 exhibition opens. "Jacqueline de Ribes: The Art of Style" highlights the world renowned style icon. The collection includes a Norma Kamali Sleeping Bag Coat.
September 2015
The Museum at FIT opens Susanne Bartsch's Fashion Underground Exhibition. The collection included Norma Kamali parachute.
6 May 2015
WIE Presents: A Conversation with Norma Kamali. This intimate salon series highlights the work and careers of inspirational men and women and engages them in a Q&A and general discussion around issues pertaining to their industry.
April 2015
Norma is included in the book "Fashion Lives: Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis".
August 2014
Stylecaster - Norma Kamali is featured in the Rule Breaker video series celebrating provocateurs in the fashion industry.
July 2014
Norma Kamali inks deal with Brama - partnership with European distributor is covered in WWD.
June 2014
S.H.E. Summit - Connecting the Dots: Why Women's Empowerment is Relevant to Every Person on the Planet. Norma Kamali is invited to join a panel to discuss her Stop Objectification campaign.
May 2014
Norma designs a line of carpets called "Weaving for a Brighter Future" to empower women in Afghanistan in support of FBMI.
May 2014
Forbes Women Summit - Norma is highlighted of her work in empowering women in the power redefined segment.
April 2014
Norma Kamali designs costumes for Twyla Tharp's latest production "Cornbread Duet" featuring Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild.
March 2014
Re:Gender, formerly National Council for Research on Women, works to end gender inequity by exposing root causes and advancing research-informed action. They honored Norma with a Fire Starter Award for her advocacy of women's empowerment.
March 2014
Norma Kamali launches all new audio websites. The audio element allows Norma to walk you through the collections and style inspiration.
March 2014
Norma Kamali debuts Sweats, Active, and KamaliKulture Fall '14 collection at SIU fashion show in China.
November 2013
Huff Post Live - interviews Norma on young women's empowerment and short-circuiting objectification.
American Public Health Association film festival - presents Norma Kamali film "Hey Baby" and promotes the Stop Objectification campaign during the "Objecting to Objectification" session.
September 2013
WIE Symposium - Norma Kamali invited to speak on a panel to discuss brand building.
Norma Kamali designs costumes for Twyla Tharp's "Come Fly Away" for the Royal Danish Ballet.
July 2013 - Norma Kamali invited to meet Amma to discuss empowering women around the globe.
May 2013
WWD Beauty CEO Summit - Norma Kamali invited to be a panelist to discuss female empowerment.
April 2013
Norma Kamali receives Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival.
Norma Kamali presents to female executives at JPMorgan Chase an empowerment talk, discussing workplace objectification.
April 2013
Norma Kamali dress is featured in Andre Leon Talley's book, "Little Black Dress".
February 2013
Norma Kamali hosts a live Sirius Radio special to follow her film "Hey Baby" to bring awareness to the objectification of women. The live audience and calls from listeners was a forum for discussion of the topic.
December 2012
Norma Kamali's Sirius Radio special "Hey Baby" airs on the Stars107 channel, featuring exclusive interviews with Joan Jett, Christine Quinn, Mika Brzezinski, Margaret Cho, Serena Williams, and Cyndi Lauper.
July 2012
Norma Kamali teams up with the American Federation of Teachers at their annual AFT convention in Detroit, putting on a KamaliKulture fashion show with AFT members as models.
March 2012
Norma Kamali launches KamaliKulture, an under $100 collection sold exclusively online, consisting of timeless pieces for every woman's style and budget.
KamaliKulture launches on,, and
February 2012
Norma Kamali Parachute Dress is featured at the CFDA impact exhibit at FIT. The piece is then selected to go on tour with the exhibit around the country.
February 2011
The glamazon is born. 8 foot cut outs of models wearing the latest collection and fashion exhibitions in the Norma Kamali flagship store.
The red Norma Kamali swimsuit that helped make Farrah Fawcett a 1970's icon is donated to the Smithsonian.
November 2010
Honored as one of WWD's "100 Designers Who Shaped Fashion".
October 2010
Guest appearance on Project Runway.
September 2010
"Conversations" with Norma film debuts at the MOMA featuring nine wellness proponents with a q & a session following afterward launching more interaction with wellness authorities. The audience is comprised of guests and friends of wellness.
June 2010
Named to CFDA board of directors.
May 2010
Launch of the microsites e-blast to clients with promotions featuring these as independent websites that can be viewed and able to be used to purchase from directly.
Pencil awards Norma for her involvement with the New York City public school system.
Receives an honorary doctorate degree in fine arts as well as acting as Fashion Institute of Technology commencement speaker.
April 2010
First issue launch ad in Interview magazine on iPad.
February 2010
Scanlife bar code allows shoppers to buy from the window at night or in-store and connect directly to the product information and try before you buy instantly.
October 2009
Applied Brilliance, Norma Kamali guest speaker... The theme was investigation, imagination, invention and ignition. Guest speakers presented their projects, and then there was a socratic dialogue to solve a design problem, spontaneously. It's meant to be and is stimulating, inspiring, entertaining and provocative.
September 2009
The Democratization of Fashion and How New Technology Is Changing Fashion presentation at the Apple store in Soho on September 17th marked the launch of the Norma Kamali iPhone app. Download three collections: the OMO Made in the USA collection, the exclusive collection for eBay also launched at the presentation as well, and the Walmart collection. Then a contest winner skyped a fashion question to Norma at the presentation, and the new Roiworld closet game was launched, where for the first time a complete designer collection filled the closet. Game players could style outfits, post them, and then buy them directly from the Roiworld site, which would lead each player to The three collections featured on the app, were the same styles shown at the presentation, and were available to purchase at the same time. New technology communicates information immediately and therefore we produce to provide the styles at the same time.
May 2009
Fashion Designer of the Year award recipient at the 31st AAFA American Image Awards.
Norma Kamali Wal-Mart collection signs agreement for women's, children's, home and wellness categories in 2007 for the launch of a timeless style collection for Wal-Mart. The line also makes its debut in the Norma Kamali flagship store at 11 West 56th Street in the fall of 2008.
Norma Kamali designs costumes for Twyla Tharp's "Rabbit and Rogue" for the American Ballet Theater.
The Wellness Café opened in July and is a retreat from the sensory overload we face in our everyday lives. The calm spaces is a warm white environment that feels like the bold comforting light of the sun, and with the sounds of the beach. The scent is that of the Olive You fragrance of olive and lime, or the aromatherapy range of simple florals from the gardens of France, Spain, and Italy of jazmin, lavender, rose, zagara and violette. Sit and have a cup of tea of the same simple floral scents to calm and affect our feeling of well being. The teas include antibacterial, antiviral teas using olive leaf as well as other blends of licorice, ginger and peppermint.
The menu incorporates the gourmet products from the wellness collection and with the help of chefs from well known restaurants in New York, innovative treats are a perfect match with the teas. Olive oil cup cakes, short bread made of lavender and olive oil and fresh popped pop corn with olive oil and sea salt. Olive oil gelato, lavender honey drops and cherry juice to relieve sore muscles and coconut water for a potassium boost and a wellness boost all are a part of the ever expanding creative menu that is very tasty. The Wellness Café menu and the wellness menu present the many options for a new opportunity for us all to bring wellness into our lives.
The European and Japanese distribution of the Norma Kamali Everlast collection began in the 2007 Spring collection. The collections are available in Canada, Japan, Great Britain, France, Italy, and the Middle East. An ad campaign for the brand was featured in September and October of 2007.
Norma Kamali and Spiegel team up to create NormaKamaliTimeless. A collection of styles edited especially for Spiegel catalogue and All styles have multi-style opportunities. The Spiegel catalogue showcases the variety of ways the styles can be worn. The Spiegel website features videos of the many ways each style can be worn for easy reference. The collection price range is $12-$89.
Norma Kamali is one of CFDA's honoree to receive the board of director's special tribute award.
"Norma Kamali has come up with so many designs that she can only be described as a great American pioneer in fashion. While her aesthetic has always been grounded in sophistication, it's also based on the unorthodox juxtapositions of technique and material. She has transformed recycled army surplus parachute silk and down sleeping bag into cocoons of feminity. She reinvigorated the whole idea of glamour, updating Adrian's peplum suit and shoulder pads for her clients and fans, and in the process ignited the rage for vintage. She was the first to recreate the glamorous swimsuit, which has remained so influential in the marketplace. The way Coco Chanel took men's underwear jersey and made it a staple for women, Kamali made industrial grade gym sweatshirt fabrics into a groundbreaking collection in 1980 that practically launched the leisurewear revolution. And there is no image more memorable than Raquel Welch in a great Kamali siren dress, or Paloma Picasso in a Kamali suit. Many of her shapes of the past three decades remain so contemporary, and at the same time, so timeless, that she still sells them in her shop. You see her sleeping bag coats, which were a uniform in the '70s, on the streets every winter.
She's always been an independent, in both fashion and in retailing. Her first shop on East 53rd Street featured lizard and leather, and then she moved it to Madison Avenue in 1974, and started attracting society girls. Four years later, she brought cutting-edge style to shopping with the launch of OMO. And she was one of the first designers to sell fashion on the internet. In her way of thinking and in her work always there is a streak of something imaginative and quite remarkable. She doesn't look to anyone, and she imitates no one but herself. It's always about her style. To me, she is America's Elsa Schiaparelli."
- by Andre Leon Talley
Norma Kamali and Everlast present a contemporary sportswear collection starting Spring 2006. She is well known for her sweats from the 80's and the updated version of this collection will carry forward this timeless concept.
The Norma Kamali headquarters at 11 West 56 Street was renovated to create a new retail style environment and a new philosophy. Norma Kamali designed the space and presents her new wellness collection, a lifestyle concept of personal care, gourmet and wellness products for the entire family.
BarXV is the name of the space where it is presented. Everything is white with glowing white light throughout and the sound of waves, children giggling and melodic rhythms fill the heavenly atmosphere. Destress while experiencing beautiful simple solutions to modern day grooming from thousand-year-old homeopathic remedies and grandma recipes.
Taste fragrant gourmet specialties created from scents that are uncomplicated single note aromas that enhance relax and energize with therapeutic results.
The retail space for clothing is free of clothing racks and is an open space of hanging mannequins displaying the full Norma Kamali clothing collections and containers that hold the swimwear and the packables collections are installed throughout the space.
Wellness nights offer restorative yoga, tai chi, pilates and gyrokinesis Mondays to Thursdays from 6:30-8:00 pm interact in the space. Taste sample the wellness collection and relax.
2004 is launched. The website offers the full line of Norma Kamali wellness products. is redesigned. The benefit of the updated site includes a new e-commerce system where shoppers can shop like a celebrity. They only pay for what they keep.
Norma Kamali received the 2002 Entrepreneur Award by the Fashion Group.
The Woman's History Month Award was presented by the New York City comptrollers office to Norma Kamali in March.
The Fashion Center Business Improvement District inducted Norma Kamali into its 2002 Fashion Walk of Fame. Norma was honored, along with seven other designers, for her achievement in design in the fashion industry. Plaques are located on the sidewalk of seventh avenue between West 34th and 41st streets.
Norma's plaque reads as follows: "A spirit of experimentation is central to the work of Norma Kamali. She first became famous in 1980 for designing separates made from sweatshirt material. Another innovation was her use of parachute silk to make jumpsuits. Perhaps best known for her much imitated "sleeping bag coat," Kamali also became the ultimate swimwear designer by infusing her work with Hollywood-style glamour."
Norma Kamali was honored with many references to her designs that inspired other designers collections this year. In fact the Metropolitan Museum of Arts exhibit, "Extreme Beauty", featured her patented high heeled sneaker next to a new version featured in current collections.
The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce presented Norma Kamali with the 2001 Business Outreach Award for her work with the New York City public schools.
2000 has evolved into a Norma Kamali website directory, a guide through all seven Norma Kamali linked sites. Information on the beauty and fragrance lines, as well as a biography, how to "Shop Like a Celebrity," the client profile form, press clippings and job opportunities. You can e-mail Norma Kamali directly for a personal response.
Charmeuse . Parachute . Suiting . Sleeping bag coat . Leather
This site catalogs the designer collection, from special groups to one of a kind items. It's a great place to order a wedding gown, and "Shop Like a Celebrity" is a great opportunity to bring the gown home, on approval, for 48 hours to try on for your friends before you buy it.
2000 - Norma Kamali is known as an innovator in the swimwear industry. Her extensive swim line is cataloged along with press clippings, and the guide "How to Choose a Swimsuit," written by Norma Kamali, to help clients find the best swimsuit. The best place to try swimsuits is at home, alone, and there are also instructions on how clients can do this through the "Shop Like a Celebrity" service. After 48 hours, the client is charged only for what she keeps. FedEx picks up the returned items.
2000 - The entire NK jersey line is cataloged with press clippings. New styles are added every month and the color scheme changes every three months. The NK Jersey Collection is comprised of essentials, career, evening, swimwear, active sportswear, sleep wear and weekend. There is a cultlike following which grows each year.
2000 - Norma Kamali's active sportswear line has countless options. The site offers unique new takes on active with the best quality fabrics and construction, from workout bras to catsuits to gym gowns.
2000 - Visitors can browse through available styles and find the store near them where they are sold. Retailers can find information on how to stock their stores with these unique frames. Men can use the On Approval service. We overnight your selection and only pay for what you keep. Shop at home. No hassles for me who like clothes but not the shopping experience.
2000 - Norma Kamali's career spans several decades and NK Vintage documents online press photos, videotapes, lookbooks and Norma Kamali's comments about significant influences at each time.
1999 expands its service, opportunities and information.
Norma Kamali receives the 1999 Pencil Award for extraordinary commitment to New York City public school education.
The Lower East Side Girls' Club presents Norma with the Willow Award, celebrating the achievements of women.
The Norma Kamali "living rubber" collection is introduced. A mood ring crystal coated fabric that changes colors, living rubber introduces a new technology that promotes invention in fashion.
Norma Kamali receives the Fashion Outreach Style Award for continued work in design innovation as well as work with New York public schools.
Direct marketing through the internet. Clients worldwide use the "Shop Like a Celebrity" service, which enables them to receive a box of clothes at either their home or office on spec, after photos, videos and a personal shopper assists in the selection.
The 1.800.8.KAMALI collection, poly jersey, beauty, fragrance, active wear, suits, dresses and swimwear are all available through the internet. Clients can fill out a customer profile online or e-mail OMO for a quick response.
Washington Irving High School inducts alumnus Norma Kamali in their Hall of Fame honoring distinguished alumni who have contributed to the arts.
Norma Kamali organizes students of Washington Irving High School's art house, her alma mater, to form a business in order to learn while still in school the importance of art and commerce as a livelihood. Washington Irving High School Enterprises is a business formed by the students of the art house.
Norma Kamali receives the "Youth Friends Award" for outstanding personal achievement and interest in education, presented annually by the School Art League to an artist that has contributed to young adults realization of their own potential as professional visual artists.
Norma Kamali presents the Fall 1996 collection as a worldwide virtual reality experience through a simultaneous broadcast exhibition for the internet. is created, featuring Norma Kamali's collections online.
Norma Kamali designs costumes for Twyla Tharp's new company, Tharp, including the new productions "Sweet Fields" and "Route 66."
Norma Kamali honored as the 1995 commencement speaker for the fiftieth anniversary of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. The collection is concise and practical for travel; no wrinkling and quick drying when washed either by hand or machine. And the Norma Kamali sack bag, made of the same fabric, can hold weekend outfits or even a full collection of up to 20 flat, rolled pieces.
Norma Kamali launches Norma Kamali Beauty, created with a revolutionary concept in skin care and cosmetics. The concept conditions and enhances the skin to replace foundation. The line is launched through direct marketing with Norma Kamali Beauty partners.
Introduction of OMO Gym Athleticwear collection. The collection is inspired and designed to fit the needs of women's active lifestyles in the 90's.
First eyewear collection.
Worldwide distribution expansion of swimwear collection.
Pin up advertising billboard campaign and launch of new label 1 800 8 KAMALI.
Norma receives the "American Success Award" for vocational technical education (Fashion Institute of Technology) presented by President George Bush in the Rose Garden at the White House.
Fimat - Le Fete International the largest international fashion show ever presented in Tokyo featuring world famous designers from five fashion capitals. Norma Kamali presented twenty-five wedding gowns.
Norma Kamali honored by the Public Education Association of New York as outstanding graduate. Norma Kamali is a native New Yorker and graduated from the Washington Irving High School in NYC.
Granted Award of Merit in the Video Culture international video competition for "The Reading of the Will," written and directed by Norma Kamali.
Norma produces a photomatic catalog with the use of still photos shot by Norma Kamali of the spring 1989 collection in Coney Island. The video photomatic provides an album of "Postcards from Coney Island".
First Home Collection opens including furniture, fabrics and home fragrance. OMO Home Kamali's last architectural venture of creating the facade and interior for the Norma Kamali building, at 11 West 56th Street, provided the real base for further design exploration in shapes and forms for the home and it's furnishings.
Receives Distinguished Architecture Award for New York chapter American Institute of Architects for the Norma Kamali building at 11 West 56th Street in NYC.
Norma Kamali signs agreement in Italy to begin European distribution of her designs. Unique licensing between a designer and department store. Bloomingdale's and Norma Kamali launch an exclusive collection as part of a licensing agreement. An innovation in retailing, the store is the manufacturer of Kamali's exclusive private collection of designer clothing. The video "Sweet Dreams," written and directed by Norma Kamali, was specifically designed for the Bloomingdale's collection launch.
New York Fashion Group Honoree in a salute to women who have made a difference in the fashion industry. Recipient of three best category awards at first annual video awards and a special community service award for the Fashion Aid video.
Introduced video catalog.
CFDA award for innovative use of video in presentation and promotion of fashion.
Norma Kamali directs "Fashion Aid" video for New York honorary committee designer in a benefit for Live Aid Foundation fundraiser by fashion industry.
Receives 6th annual Interiors Award for best retail design from Interiors magazine.
Launch of the Norma Kamali fragrance collection in exclusive distribution. The fragrance is created in two parts: perfume and incense, formulated for both men and women. The fragrances can be applied separately or layered together.
"Fall Fantasy" video directed and produced by Norma Kamali pioneers an important trend in fashion merchandising.
FIDM Award from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.
COTY Hall of Fame Award.
CFDA award for Outstanding Women's Fashions for 1982.
Ernie Awards (Earnshaw Review) for Outstanding Children's Sportswear Design.
Best five Tokyo fashion show from world capitals at the invitation of Fairchild Publications.
OMO Norma Kamali opens at 11 West 56th Street as world headquarters for retail store, design studio, showroom and administrative offices.
Norma Kamali receives COTY Award for women's fashion design.
Signs licensing agreement with Renown to begin distribution of Norma Kamali designs in Japan and throughout Asia.
Norma Kamali receives COTY Award for design innovation.
Designs a Fashion at a Price collection featuring the sweatshirt collection and signs a licensing agreement to manufacture the line.
(On My Own) Norma Kamali opens at 6 West 56th Street.
Cosmopolitan swimsuit cover by Francesco Scavullo on Christie Brinkley features the "pull bikini" creating an international demand and launches Norma Kamali in the swimwear business.
First sleeping bag coat designed.
Kamali shop moves to Madison Avenue. Parachute clothing designed from real silk parachutes.
Magazine editorials of Norma Kamali original designs, help develop consumer awareness and demand for her creations.
Opening of Kamali shop at 229 East 53rd Street in New York. First designs feature elaborate appliques, lizard and leather patches, snakeskins and tee shirts with rhinestone studs.
Norma Kamali graduates from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York with a BFA degree in fashion illustration.